Juuru Eduard Vilde School

Viimati uuendatud Laupäev, 15 November 2014

School education has been given in Juuru over 300 years
1867 – school responsibility was validated by law of school for all aged 7-17. It is known that school was working in Juuru in 1869
1871 – a new schoolhouse was built in a separate building not far from current schoolhouse. There was only one classroom, kitchen and rooms for teachers. More than 30 children attended in that school
1915 – school department was opened in Juuru. A new schoolhouse, which is currently in use, was built for that
1957 – high school. First alumnuses graduated in 1961
1965 – the school was given the name of the famous Estonian writer Eduard Vilde. His most important work is „Mahtra war“, which describes the onetime peasant unrests in Juuru and it`s surroundig areas
1967 – completed student hostel construction
1983 – completed the new part of a schoolhouse and a year after that was completed the field house building
1998 – high school was renamed for Gymnasium
1999 – school received a new flag
2003 – Vilde room was opened
2005 – partially renovated old schoolhouse
2007 – partially renovated new schoolhouse
2007 – boys manual training class was moved to the student hostel
2007 – renovated girls economics class